Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Workspace at Night...

I was getting two packages done last night and got bored when I was all done, so I decided to take some pics of the area I work in and how it's lit up at night...

I thought I would edit the photos a little, but I didn't do much to the photos at all. Some day I will figure out how to take night photos with the camera I have right now, but for the meantime, this will have to do. My sister did this backdrop for a church event once and we thought it would be a shame to take it apart, so we put this long felt curtain that has lights stitched up on one of the walls, so it's like having stars indoors...and I love it.

I liked how these were all just sitting on top of the VCR...and so I made them look more painterly. I might be using these for a new banner soon.

....I was going to vent in my blog, but it's not even worth it. People fail and it's not always on purpose and I have my moments also. That's all I will say.


  1. love the photos.. it's like a beautiful dream world. I need to take some pics of my space but they wouldn't look as fun :p

    aww and I was looking forward to the rant.

  2. your space looks magical!! what amazing pictures.

  3. oh and your packaging is BEAUTIFUL!