Sunday, March 28, 2010

Featuring Flowers, Dandelions...and a Field...Cyneburg's Field, that is.

Yesterday was a day of taking photos for my younger sister, Kimberly. She just so happens to have a shop on Etsy named Cyneburg'sField, which the name derives from her surname and it may be hard to pronounce (KINE-berg), but I think it's pretty cool. It means "royal forest" or "meadow" and the day I was taking photos I quickly snapped some shots of the plants that have taken over our backyard. I then came up with the idea to tie these all together in a feature of her shop. The shirt above is called "Tornado Scare" and I fell in love with the design when she first showed it to me, so I am so glad to see it in completion!

Kimberly has come up against many obstacles in getting her shop filled, but she is one of the most determined and strong-willed people I know. She has finally got some new designs screen printed and here I have posted the photos we got together for two of her brand new designs and updated this design onto a new shirt and totally different look. "Josephine" is bright and bold...and can be ordered in variety of colors.

This shirt, titled "Alice and Wonderland - Very Good Advice" is probably one of my favorites of hers and the t shirts that she prints her designs on are super comfortable. This shirt's design was inspired by the scene in Disney's Alice and Wonderland where she sings "Very Good Advice" and I love the swirling lyrics in this design and the tree filled with music notes instead of leaves.

My sister is going to be adding so many more exciting items to her shop, including some prints of her designs and some other secret and fun things! Sooo...feel free to frolic through Cyneburg's Field's shop and you will be ever so happy if you decide to make a purchase there!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fell in love with these...

Last Thursday, I went with my family to my grammie's funeral. I had seen photographs of her throughout my childhood, but I had not seen that many and when the video memorial was played at the funeral, I just fell in love with some of the photos that were shown. My grammie was 82 when she died and I wish she could have been around longer, but I am so glad I got to see her before she passed away. She was such an awesome woman and I am glad she spoke so much about praying to Jesus before she passed away. I could even see more joy in her eyes the week before she died and that was something I will never forget. In the middle of her suffering, she was smiling and making jokes and I know I will be seeing her again.

She was definitely not afraid to get dirty and work with tools. I love that she was short like me, too. Hehe.

She was a tree-hugger! I never knew this...and that is rad.

I think this photo is just gorgeous and I love how she looks super tall. Definitely something for me to think about on my wedding day...whenever that may happen... :-D

I am going to miss her so very much, but she left behind some very good memories. There is so much work to be done over at her house, so I may be posting a few more photos as my family and I sort through her things. It's so strange being over there at her house too...because all of her things are everywhere, but she is no longer walking around so it was such an empty feeling being there after her funeral.