Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sonia - All the Way from Moscow!

This past July I entered a giveaway that the amazingly talented Olga from Wassupbrothers had put up on her super adorable blog and I just have to say, there are some giveaways I want to win... and then other giveaways I really want to win.  Olga had a hard time choosing between all the awesome entries, so she drew names... and so now Sonia has finally made it safely into my home.  I thought I would share her homecoming Wassupbrothers blog style, minus the mucho fantastic photography that her husband provides for her lovely creatures.

I opened my front door ... and there was Sonia! Yay!  

She then sat down in front of her suitcase to say hello...

She hopped into my hand... Sonia is super soft and definitely hug-able! 

I took her to her room and she already found a new friend... but then realized the little lady is only made of plastic...

She was a tad bit leery of this furry creature... but Sonia sat down next to him anyhow. 

The big fuzzy cat introduced himself, "Hello there, my name is Milo.  I am Jocelyn's cat.  Nice to meet you!"

They both felt the morning breeze, looked out the window, and watched all the cars go by on the street.

Milo obviously trusts this new owl friend he has made... otherwise he wouldn't feel safe enough to take a nap.

So there you have it.... a new home with new friends, and a window to sit by and see all that's going on in the outside world.  Is there anything better?

Thank you, Olga, I love Sonia so much!

Everyone definitely needs to go check out Olga's shop and purchase one of her owls... they are so lovable and cuddly.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Blog... frog...

Pug Mug by muddymood

... clog, hog, dog, bog, log, pog...

pug, chug, mug, hug, rug, drug, lug...

Now that I got you wondering... it's time to play a game.  Write a paragraph or two using all these words in a story.  I want to see what you got!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Time to announce the giveaway winners!

The names were written down...

Where they were then folded in half and placed in the mug for a good shake...

The winner for the first drawing goes to...

Congrats to Emily!  :-D!!

Names went back into the mug for another generous shaking...

And for the second drawing...

Yay, Donni!  You can pick any filigree ring from my shop! :-D

I will be contacting both winners this week!  Thanks so much to those who entered, you're all too awesome for words!!   ~ Jocelyn.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

What am I going to do with these?

I went to Michaels yesterday and noticed some cool stencil stuffs that I knew I had to try out. It was one of those times where I was just not paying attention to the actual product and thought I was going to be buying them to use for my packaging. When I got home, I realized the stencils were Ha-UGE (which I am going to say that means laughably huge...) and so I used the Ditto Glimmer Spray (a product created for card making) I purchased and tried them out anyhow.

I love the golden glimmery shimmery paint that's added to this spray bottle! While the stencils are very large and can't really be used for what I had originally planned, I am definitely going to put them to good use.

What is it that I am going to do with these finished stencils?

... One of two things and I may do both, but you'll just have to wait and see.  ;-)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Thank You Giveaway!

I am not giving away thank yous... well, in a sense, I am giving out a huge thank you to all the customers and amazing fans I have had on Etsy and outside of Etsy, so I guess I am giving away thank yous!

So here we go... I am currently at 700 + sales in my shop and all this was reached a couple weeks past my 3rd year selling on Etsy.  This is just too awesome for words, so I want to celebrate by giving away two prizes.

The first winner, picked at random, will receive a $20 Gift Certificate to go toward your purchase in my shop.

The second winner (also chosen at random) will receive their choice of one of my filigree Scrabble tile rings in my shop.

The Grand Hall Scrabble Tile Ring

Rules for the giveaway:

1) Say hello to me right here on my blog and let me know your favorite item from my shop:  

2) Follow my blog since I will be posting the winners here.  Let me know you followed my blog in a separate post. 

So that makes two possible entries for this giveaway and don't forget to leave me your e-mail in each post so I can contact you if you happen to be one of the winners.    

That's all you have to do, but if you would like to go the extra mile, you can share this giveaway on your FB, twitter, and blog about it as well.  It won't count as an extra entry, but it sure would make my day! 

So thanks to all my customers and fans... you are all so awesome and I appreciate everyone for supporting my shop since 2009! 

The giveaway will end on Thursday, May 31st... and the winners will be drawn on Monday, June 4th! 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring time means...

For me, spring time means bright and sunny... and something cold and fizzy... more specifically, something Izze.

I have acquired quite a collection of Izze bottles and the Sparkling Clementine is such a vibrant sunny color and it just so happens to be my favorite flavor. I was inspired by this bright yellow orange color, so here's some lovely and lively finds for your viewing/tasting pleasure...

This sorbet looks almost too delicious and the recipe actually calls for the Izze Sparkling Clementine as an ingredient.

A fun vintage dress by aiseirigh that makes me smile and also makes me want to be more daring and try bold colors.

A little bit of disco for the gingers... or those who want to be a ginger...

Source: Getty

Now I want to dye my hair more orange (not really), get myself a sunny summer dress and sit on the porch with a citrus sorbet. How about you? ;-)