Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring time means...

For me, spring time means bright and sunny... and something cold and fizzy... more specifically, something Izze.

I have acquired quite a collection of Izze bottles and the Sparkling Clementine is such a vibrant sunny color and it just so happens to be my favorite flavor. I was inspired by this bright yellow orange color, so here's some lovely and lively finds for your viewing/tasting pleasure...

This sorbet looks almost too delicious and the recipe actually calls for the Izze Sparkling Clementine as an ingredient.

A fun vintage dress by aiseirigh that makes me smile and also makes me want to be more daring and try bold colors.

A little bit of disco for the gingers... or those who want to be a ginger...

Source: Getty

Now I want to dye my hair more orange (not really), get myself a sunny summer dress and sit on the porch with a citrus sorbet. How about you? ;-)

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