Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gorgeous Colors, a Gorgeous Shop!

Certain art just grabs my attention and it's usually art that has awesome contrasts or amazing colors and compositions. Shelly of Shellypsoucircles shop is so full of color and gorgeous organic shapes, I could not help but share a bit of her artwork.

My current favorite is so lovely:

It's titled Every Most Hidden Part Of It and the first thing I thought of was a gorgeous pomegranate. The lines and color blending are so wonderful and the pop of red... wow.

I just love this piece:

Some of my favorite colors are in this particular painting, and I love the values she has created with all the dots. The titles are so fun for these and this particular piece is titled "Dragonfly Chatter" . Immediately, I am searching for shapes that make me think of a dragonfly, or two... since there is chatter going on. ;-) It's kind of like searching for images when looking at the clouds on a gorgeous day, except these paintings are not limited to four or five colors.

Last, but not least:

Speaking of clouds, He Makes Clouds Rise From The Ends Of The Earth just intrigues me the more I look at it. I feel that way about most of Shelly's pieces though.

To check out the rest of shellypsoulcircles colorful works of art, step into her Etsy shop and stay a while...



  1. Thanks for sharing with us this talented artist. Beautiful work.. love the colors and fluid lines..