Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Making My Way to 300 sales!

It's countdown time! I have had so many awesome customers over the past 2 years and I always get so excited when my shop is right around the corner from the next 100 sale mark, so it's that time again! I am going to be giving things away and giving other things as I make my way to my 300th sale. It's my way of saying thank you!

So here's how it's going to go...

Sales 295-297 -

Each customer gets to choose anything from my shop from $18.00 and under with purchase + 10% off next purchase.

Sales 298 and 299 -

Choice of anything from my shop $24 and under with purchase + 15% Off next purchase.

Annd... lastly...

Sale 300 -

$20.00 Gift Certificate that gives you $20 credit toward anything my shop. (I will convo you the code and you can use it for your next purchase from my shop!)

You will also receive a free ring of your choice! - and some other goody as a surprise!

Soooo...there it is! Thanks again everyone who has purchased from me in the past. You're all so very awesome and I appreciate you all so much!


...Get shoppin'! ;-)

{Link to My Etsy Shop!}

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