Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Western Wallop? Where do they come up with these names?

So today was pretty awesome and the Weather Channel has predicted that the western part of the U.S. is going to be hit with 4 more rainy and snowy weather systems this week..all the way up until Friday....hence the name "Western Wallop." I welcome it...love the rain and all the awesome clouds they bring.

The day started off with off and on clouds and the sun finally peeked through the clouds for a bit, which brought on the dark and stormy awesomeness. I snapped a picture of some really awesome birds in one of the naked trees in my backyard. They are such cute birds...I love them.

There may be a snake in my pool...but it also might just be the Creepy Crawly...haha.
So many awesome clouds today. It was gorgeous!

We actually had a tornado warning today, which is very very rare for this part of California. It was kinda creepy, but they canceled the warning after a half hour.
Four more days of the totally awesome wet and stormy weather, I hope!


  1. I'm not sure I've ever heard of anyone being excited about a possible tornado lol Just make sure you keep your cold snowy weather on your side on the country ok? ;)

  2. Haha, I wasn't too keen on the tornado part...I must have sounded too excited in my writings. That part had my adrenaline going, for sure. I saw the storm cell making clouds that looked like they could turn into a tornado and didn't like it one bit. So yeah, the tornadoes can stay away as far as I am concerned.