Monday, January 4, 2010

Bird Series Part 1 - Work in Progress.

I've been wanting to start a series on birds for quite some time now. I used to get easily annoyed with birds when I was younger....I am not sure why, but I think I felt like they didn't have much personality. I don't think I was really watching them and in the past several years, I have just been so amazed by how many different types of birds there are, and how many colors can be found in a single feather.

My first bird is one of my favorites and so I started on this peacock today and can't wait to really dig into all the layering! I realized the face of a peacock is pretty stern and contrasts with the rest of the free-flowing and beautiful colors of its plumage, but I think their fierce eyes make them that much more appealing.

I seem to always start off with a very bright background, but who knows where this thing's gonna go... stay tuned. :-D


  1. love love LOVE! you are a wonderful artist in all aspects of what you do. Your photography is top notch, your jewelry is breath taking, and your art is beyond inspiring.

  2. I adore peacocks. They are all over the place in Arcadia. I hope you finish this looks beautiful so far.

  3. ArtTales! Thanks so much...that really truly made me smile and sing songs of happiness in my heart. Ha.

    Lady Arwen - I am definitely going to be finishing this...I have a lot of other drawings to do in the series and want to finish this one before I get to the others. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :-D

  4. I really love the colors you are using and its great to see that you are painting, it inspires me to get back to my artwork. I love some of the looks in birds' eyes, deceptively vacant but with glimmers of expression!

  5. You know, it looks really good even as it is right now!