Saturday, January 2, 2010

artbellasurplus - Right out of the bag...into my home!

I LOVE pretty much all the sellers I buy from on Etsy, but sometimes, there are just shops that carry some of the most beautiful beads and have the most beautiful photos of their items that I am forced to feature them on here. That's right...forced. My eyes and my fingers took me over to my camera to take shots of the beads right out of the package and onto my window sill. So after I post my photos of these gorgeous beads, I will post the even more gorgeous photos that this seller takes of her "pretties."

The seller's shop is called artbellasurplus and not only is she super sweet, writing super nice notes on her invoice with a purple ink pen, but she delivered her package so very quickly. The colors and cuts she chooses to stock in her store capture my heart and I want to buy from her as long as her shop is open!

So here are a few of my favorite shots she has taken of her items:

So, I definitely can't wait to make pieces with these beads and I actually want to run over there and buy some more from her already...for I noticed she added new items, ha! So if you love beads, go check her out! You won't be sorry.


  1. omg those are beautiful! I would just keep them and stare at them :D

  2. What do you think I have been doing all day?

    *goes back to stare at the beautiful beads...*


  3. great beads and yes the pictures of them are great as well!

  4. That exquisitely killed a half hour, beautifully. *sigh* I want to learn how to bead so I can spend more money I don't have. *more sighs* lol!

  5. They are beautiful beads! I love the top pic the best.
    You know its going to be a great day when you check tracking and see that your package is on the van for delivery!! I love it when Fedex knocks on my door. lol
    I think beads are to me are what money is to others- i love to hold them in my hands and let the strands fall through my fingers.
    I cant get enough supplies!!