Sunday, December 13, 2009

News and more December Beauties!

I finally made my 20th sale! This was a sale that broke quite a long period of no sales for me so I was super excited when I looked on and noticed that it said there were 20 sales instead of 19. I had been battling in my mind over and over if my Etsy shop was stuck, or something. ;-) So I decided to give the buyer something extra special and put in a free pair of earrings, or a bracelet...and the buyer chose a pair of earrings, so I finished those a couple of minutes ago. Funny story about that was that the buyer wanted to make sure I was giving the earrings away for free and not trying to swindle him into an additional cost to what he had already purchased. He is a very nice customer...I love it when customers are awesome.

New things will be coming into my shop in the next few art will be available along with all of my jewelry, so I am excited about that! So remember to keep an eye out for different items with my art on it within the next couple of months.


Time for more Christmas/December Goodness!

When I was in junior high, I was in a small choir and got to sing in The Nutcracker Ballet and it was one of the best and worst Christmas seasons of my life because I was in about 6 choirs all at once, but I also remember having so much fun when I wasn't stressed out. There was something really magical about getting to sing in that ballet and seeing all the dancers backstage....along with Tchaikovsky's awesome music.

So all these things from Etsy are inspired by that time in my life...I still love listening to the music every year.

I have loved Kirby's Etsy for a very long time, although I have yet to purchase from her shop (I will someday very soon!). Her work is simple and breathtaking to me.

"Sugar Plum Fairy" - Original Canvas Painting by Kirby

"Clara" - Original Canvas Painting by Kirby

The next seller I had found once when I was making a treasury and I fell in love with the soft and playful pieces in her shop.

"Amelia Takes a Stand" by The Voyagers

And my last find for today's entry brings to mind The Waltz of the Snowflakes...there's no other composer who can set the look and feel of winter and Christmas time like Tchaikovsky and these next photographers' photos capture me in the same way that his music does.

"Winter Crystals" by spirithelpers

"Pretty Little Things" by weberphoto

Now I am all anxious to go have a snow day in the mountains! Maybe I will take my nutcracker with me. ;-)


  1. your jewelry is lovely and I wish you endless success selling it! It was fun to take a look at art that you enjoy. Thank you for honoring my winter crystals photo, I am completely enchanted with ice crystals. Tonight it is now 7F out, it snowed all day, perhaps crystals will grow...
    wishing you a lovely holiday season.

  2. congratulations on your 20th sale! I'm remembering the movie of the nutcracker and I love the 2nd painting as well as some of the necklaces in your shop. I'm so jealous, I would love to have a snowy time in some mountains sometime soon! Thanks for stopping by the you & me show!

  3. I hear you! It is sooo frustrating to log on day in/ day out and find no new sales. Its a love/ hate relationship!
    BUT congrats on your 20th sale! Hope you continue to get more in the new year.

    Great blog!