Sunday, December 6, 2009

All Things Wintry...

I haven't blogged in a while and that's just not cool. It's cold in the room where I am sitting right now and I was looking through some old pics in my Photobucket and came across this:

It's a leaf that had landed on my sister's Volkswagon Beetle that had then froze in the middle of the night. I felt it just wasn't wintry enough so I changed it up a little bit with some editing...

So that brought me to my blog that I was already thinking about how there's just something about the winter time, granted that it can get miserably cold, I still love this time of the year. Even the sunsets have a sparkle to them that doesn't happen any other time of year. I was just listening to a band named Future of Forestry the other day while I was lying down on my bed and the sun was going down, and the music had bells and chimes in it. The wind was blowing outside and the sun was shining through my bamboo window coverings and there was this golden flickering light shining into my room. Moments like that never get old for me.

So I am going to be adding some wintry things in this blog all December long. Some things will be my own, but mostly it will be things that inspire me and just bring me to that place that awesome music does at times.

I really love this photo from this awesome photographer that I just found on Etsy. The colors in this photo are one of the reasons why I love winter time.

"Frost" by Nicolas Hermann:

So my blog isn't going to be so empty and sad anymore...I decided it was time to be disciplined and to also just have an online source to jot down things that will help me stay creative. Also, be paying attention to my shop this week. Not only will I be adding some new pieces, but I will be starting a special, so don't forget to visit me!


  1. ooo I love winter too and I agree that those lovely winter moments never get old. Wonderful pics. I look forward to seeing more pics!

  2. Thanks so much for including my painting! Great collection! We just came out of a deep cold spell here in Colorado, and I'm looking forward to the next snow!