Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sonia - All the Way from Moscow!

This past July I entered a giveaway that the amazingly talented Olga from Wassupbrothers had put up on her super adorable blog and I just have to say, there are some giveaways I want to win... and then other giveaways I really want to win.  Olga had a hard time choosing between all the awesome entries, so she drew names... and so now Sonia has finally made it safely into my home.  I thought I would share her homecoming Wassupbrothers blog style, minus the mucho fantastic photography that her husband provides for her lovely creatures.

I opened my front door ... and there was Sonia! Yay!  

She then sat down in front of her suitcase to say hello...

She hopped into my hand... Sonia is super soft and definitely hug-able! 

I took her to her room and she already found a new friend... but then realized the little lady is only made of plastic...

She was a tad bit leery of this furry creature... but Sonia sat down next to him anyhow. 

The big fuzzy cat introduced himself, "Hello there, my name is Milo.  I am Jocelyn's cat.  Nice to meet you!"

They both felt the morning breeze, looked out the window, and watched all the cars go by on the street.

Milo obviously trusts this new owl friend he has made... otherwise he wouldn't feel safe enough to take a nap.

So there you have it.... a new home with new friends, and a window to sit by and see all that's going on in the outside world.  Is there anything better?

Thank you, Olga, I love Sonia so much!

Everyone definitely needs to go check out Olga's shop and purchase one of her owls... they are so lovable and cuddly.


  1. I love this blog sis. I might have to get a owl of my own now. I have been eyeing them for some time. So cute!!! :)

  2. Thank you for the wonderful story, Jocelyn! Beautiful photos!)

  3. Sonia is so pretty! Very cute! :D