Sunday, January 9, 2011

With Winter Comes a Tale...

...and a treasury.

I put together this treasury last night and it made me think of how there are so many amazing treasuries that have been curated with a story, a fairy tale, or classic tale in mind, so I am going to share a few of those with all of you - these are some of my favorites lately.

Time to Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty! by Consentiodesign.

...and last but not least, a more modern story:

She Left Her Shoes in New York by VintageMixes.

These lovely treasuries are all created by my fellow Treasury League teammates and I wish I could post more, for there are so many gorgeous collections made by these talented ladies. Your treasuries are inspiring and you make everything that is beautiful even more captivating!


  1. This is awesome Jocelyn! Very good idea.

  2. I love these treasuries! Great post : )

  3. Great post, thanks for including one of the treasuries that I'm in!

  4. This is wonderful! Happy to be in a league with so many talented artists!

  5. I love treasuries with great themes! Such gorgeous collections!