Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My new owl locket, how I love thee...

I have had my eyes on blueecho2's shop for a very long time, especially her lockets that she always has on sale that get swallowed up by buyers not long after she lists them. I was going to get one of her flower lockets, but got this instead:

So finally got to make myself a necklace and finished it last here it is! I love it so much and can't wait to wear it!


  1. Very pretty and I love the extra spark you added to it :)

  2. it is beautiful and your finishing touches just make it that more exquisite. Everyone will be so jealous of such desirable piece!

  3. Thanks gals! Just another addition to my owl collection, hehe!

    I want to be able to make necklaces with her lockets and put them in my shop, but they are on the more expensive side for me so maybe someday soon i will be able to get some!

  4. I love owls and I love vintage lockets even more! What a great piece :)