Thursday, September 24, 2009

Discovered, Undiscovered...

I have ventured onto the Pounce section of Etsy so many times and I wanted to start recognizing Etsians who I happen to pounce on and love to death. So many new favorites have entered onto my list because of normal browsing, but recently, I have been loving just stumbling onto an Etsy shop and falling in love with the items, so I decided to start blogging once a week and feature one "Undiscovered" Etsy shop and one shop that "Just Sold" and I am pretty excited about those that I happened upon for my first entry!


The first shop I totally fell in love with was from New Zealand artist, Rosemary Mortimer. Her shop kiwibird1 ,is full of beautiful contrasts and rich colors in nature. I checked out the rest of what she had for sale and loved the wide range of work that she has. The item that was displayed as the main photo in Pounce that caught my eye was a card titled "Letters from the Past." It immediately caught my eye and I really loved how the vivid colors popped in front of the dark background.

Another piece I really love is titled "Coromandel Carving" and It reminded me a lot of the foothills in California. The realism is just awesome and I love how she added the sketches and Rosemary Mortimer goes into detail about that in her description.

So, if you have not checked out this awesome shop, please do!

Just Sold

The next Etsian I stumbled upon was artist from NYC, stepanka, and her pottery is so very soft and delicate, and very unique with all the drawings and variety of objects she chooses for her ceramic pieces. I loved how the light passed through the numbers in her item titled "123 - Translucent porcelain cup." It's just fun and I thought of how awesome it would be as a gift for someone who loves numbers.

Then as I looked on inside of her shop, I found myself wanting to purchase many, if not all of the items she had in stock. From the items she calls "wall pillows" to her beautifully crafted mugs that could stand on their own as art pieces, I just really loved her juxtapositions in general. One of the wall pillows that I was most drawn to is titled "stepi - small porcelain wall pillow"

So if you love fun ceramic pieces, or just love art, definitely check out stepanka's shop!

I am so very glad I pounced on these sellers and stay tuned for my next two shops that I will feature next week, it just might be you! :-D


  1. Thanks so much for including me in your gorgeous blog. I've just put a post on my own blog about it. I love the ceramic work by Stapanka and have posted a photo of that too.

  2. Thanks so much! Your blog is gorgeous also! I am following your blog so now I can keep up on the awesome work you are doing! :-)