Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Returning to...

It's been way too long since I have picked up a brush (not counting the one that I use for my hair) and it felt so awesome to start painting again. I feel a tad rusty since I know it's been over a year since I have painted. I have been drawing more than painting and even stopped doing that for a while since I have had my Etsy shop going.

This painting is for a friend who does my hair and he loves poppies and nature, but right now, it's so far from where I want it to be. it looks very foreign and not my own thus far, but I know it will make its way to my own style...that happens a lot with my art. Each work transforms drastically from the beginning to the end, so I am on the right track, I guess. Ha.

I also tipped over my linseed oil, so that was a fun mess to clean up, but I managed to save a good amount. The photos will be much better when I blog about this painting again, which will be so very soon!


  1. I love the poppies and their uneven sizes and the dripping--its good to see you painting!

  2. That is awesome :D I haven't painted in probably over a year also. Can't wait to see the next one :)

  3. "Very soon" has passed. >:(
    Hehe. I love this.

    Yeah, I was having a hard time before the shoot trying to figure out how the smile would work... so I nixed it. We went "sex kitten" instead.